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Camp Don Grom offers a range of programming for kids of different ages and riding abilities!

Please select the level which best suits your child at registration. This will not lock your child into a specific program or group, rather it will help our staff determine the range of skills in order to plan the best activities for each group.

On the first day of camp, staff will assess riding levels and check in with each camper around their riding experience, comfort and goals to set everyone up for a successful time at camp.

Mini Groms:

During the 3rd session of camp, we invite Mini Groms to join us.  Mini Groms are 5-6 year olds who are stoked about being able to ride a two wheeler, are able to use brakes and are keen to spend time having fun on and off their bikes.  In addition to increasing biking competence and confidence, these campers will learn trail etiquette, safe riding practices, positioning and how to ride with a group.  

Level 1:

Riders must be confident on a bike, they must feel comfortable using brakes, be able to steer competently, turn corners and be comfortable riding for approximately 1 hour (with lots of stopping and starting) on pavement.

They have little to no experience riding on trails and are looking to build confidence and skills for beginner trail riding. 

This is an intro to mountain biking group and will focus on skill development in the following areas: Trail etiquette and safe riding practices and positioning, how to ride with a group, comfort changing gears when appropriate, riding on narrow paths/trail, learning about basic bike maintenance. Kids will be learning how to develop basic trail riding and mountain bike skills by starting to explore the easier and flat mountain bike trails in the Don Valley. 

Level 2:

Riders will have some trail riding experience and be comfortable riding on trails.  They are comfortable changing gears when appropriate, and be able to ride up hills and going for longer (stoppy starty) rides 1+hours. 

They are looking to build skills by exploring more technical terrain. 

Focus on skill development will include learning about trail etiquette & safe riding practices and positioning, increasing comfort riding in a group, improving steering control and gearing timing on more challenging terrain, avoiding obstacles, navigating over rocks and roots, learning how to go downhill safely and climb uphill while exploring a variety of different trails in the Don Valley.

Level 3:

Riders will have significantly more riding experience, they will be able ride a range of trails in the Don Valley and want to continue to build on their skills by learning and practicing on more technical terrain. Level three riders will learn how to safely assess risk and approach technical terrain with confidence under the guidance of our experienced instructors.